Talent Upgrade &

Talent Upgrade & Enhancement

A prerequisite for effective man power utilization

Sunsea specializes in Talent upgrade and enhancement after successful Talent Identification and Evaluation as they are the essential prerequisites for the effective utilization of the man power.
Four major areas of training are undertaken to ensure that the existing skills of the candidates are enhanced and also to bridge the gaps if there are any.

  • Functional Training – Specific training imparted based on the functional aspects of the specific job functions.
  • Technical Training – Enhancement training on the specific technical skills which are needed for effective implementation.
  • Industry Training – Enhancement of skills with hands-on work experience in the specific industry-related and simulated situations, and problem solving techniques.
  • Interpersonal Skills Training – Armed with a wealth of experience in English Training and Interpersonal Skills training, Sunsea is way ahead in this specific aspect of training. This will ensure that the candidates are suitably trained and developed to meet the standards and culture of the organization they work for.