Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

It is ‘How’ organizations recruit and retain skilled employees.

It encompasses more than general recruitment because it targets candidates that have specific skills and experience. It also does more than fill vacancies; it creates a talent pool that will help the growth of the organization. In some cases, it goes beyond the hiring phase to career development and retention of employees.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Availability

There is a wide spread notion that there is a dearth of talent of technically skilled people in India. It is in fact a gross misconception. The reality is that the scouting and spotting of the right talent for the right occupation leaves a lot to be desired.

This is where Sunsea scores over the rest with its innovative methods of talent spotting and acquisition. Sunsea’s Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) helps businesses gain a competitive talent advantage through proactive talent acquisition capabilities and services.

Talent Sourcing

Sunsea’s Talent Sourcing is through a methodology of operation of multi-channels encompassing various sourcing avenues. These are listed below.

  • Sunsea has a commendable database of existing talent pool from its activities connected with the Industry sector as well as highly successful Man Power Deputation activities.
  • Sunsea also has a database of skilled professionals who have just begun their careers or have been in employment and looking for opportunities to enhance their careers.
  • Sunsea has a strong social media presence and knows how to recruit using social media. As today’s talent spends more time online, social media has become an essential part of everyday life.
  • Sunsea uses advanced tools to help its TAG team to find the match to suit client and employee requirements.
  • Sunsea has websites and regular updates are made in the same and thus Sunsea gets candidates from national as well as international locations.
  • There are on line registration facilities in the websites through which fresh talents are acquired from time to time.
  • Sunsea receives Employees’ referrals as one of the main sources of talent.
  • Sunsea conducts various activities in educational institutions and these help in further broadening the database of talent pool.
  • Last, but not the least, is the ever expanding ‘Word of Mouth’ propagation by the beneficiaries of the professional and satisfying services of the flagship umbrella organizations, ‘Sunsea Group’ in the spheres of Education and Talent Acquisition.

Talent Identification:

Talent Identification plays a vital role in matching the right people for the right job requirements and Sunsea excels in this aspect.

Details of talents obtained from various sources are scrutinized in a systematic manner and proper and right people are identified for the opportunities, which suit not only their profile but also their attitude, motivation and potential motivation.

This process is carried out methodically and subsequently the process moves on to the next stage of Talent Filtration/Screening.